Ronnie Wylder is a singer, songwriter, and performer, local in Las Vegas. Ronnie’s style of music can be defined through her self-made genre “spunk pop,” combining funky beats, with a punk/rock attitude.


Ronnie started singing after her first out of four spinal surgeries. She has developed her musical style through her experiences, taking inspiration from everywhere, from weird sounds she has heard or the things people have said to her.


“My sound has taken me a couple of years to develop and understand, it is constantly evolving. When coming up with my beat ideas, I focus on making something I would want to hear and sing along with.”


Outside of her unique sounds, Ronnie takes pride in the craftiness and controversy of her lyrics. Taking shots at today’s society and its standards, Ronnie is not afraid to make call outs, speaking blunt and honesty at all times.


“People want to feel something more than what they are being given. At some point, mediocrity isn’t going to be enough. We need something authentic and raw. I am sick of all the celebs, media, conspiracies, and DRAMA.”


“I want to give people something drama free, that’s grooving and fun.”


“I am here to make people smile, dance, laugh, and hopefully, even if it’s only for a three-minute song, to make their day a little brighter.”



Ronnie Wylder

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