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Artist Info

Ronnie Wylder is a blend of pop, funk, and spunk with just a sprinkle of sass on top. Combining funky beats with her punk/rock attitude, Wylder is bringing an all new style of music to the table, defining her style through her self-made genre “spunk pop.”

Ronnie first discovered her voice, her potential as a singer, after her very first spinal surgery. Over the next few years and three additional surgeries, her musical style evolved, growing stronger as she did with each operation. Through her experiences, taking inspiration from every place, person, sound, and encounter, Wylder’s current musical style took shape.

“My sound has taken me a couple of years to develop and understand. It is constantly evolving. When coming up with beat ideas, I focus on making something I would want to hear and sing along with.”

Outside of creating unique sounds, Ronnie takes pride in injecting craftiness and controversy into her lyrics. Taking shots at today’s society and its standards, Ronnie is not afraid to make call-outs, speaking bluntly and honestly at all times.

“I want to give people something they can connect with. Since I was little I've always felt alienated.I am here to make people smile, dance, laugh, and hopefully, even if it’s only for a three-minute song, to make their day a little brighter.”