A Singer's Diet

When it comes to a singer's diet, there is a long list of what not to have, and what to have. If you’re a fried foods and dairy person then this is gonna break your heart.

Starting with the foods you should avoid let me explain why:

Dairy, sugar, and oily foods tend to clog up your throat, and thicken your mucus.

List of don’t eat or drink:

Milk/cheese/yogurt/ anything dairy, and yes that includes ice dream :-(

Fried foods.

Soda. It’s okay to have, but definitely not right before you sing (hiccups are the worst).

Caffeine. Foods and drinks that contain caffeine will tighten your vocal chords, and dry you out.

Cold drinks. Eating or drinking anything cold will tighten your vocal chords.

Alcohol. Much like caffeine, alcohol dries out your throat, and isn’t the best to have right before a gig.

List of can eat and drink:

Fresh fruit. One of the only foods that is packed with vitamins and tastes good at the same time.

Peppermint, lemon, and licorice root teas. Though I’ve never tried licorice root, I’ve heard that it’s great for your vocal chords. Lemon tea is my survival drink, I always make it way too sour though.

Coconut Water. I’m not the biggest fan of coconut water, but I can’t deny it is one of the best drinks for your throat.

Honey. I’m pretty sure every singer I’ve met uses honey. Many artists take it my the spoonful right before a concert. I’m not a big sweet tooth so I’ll stick to putting in my tea.

Well that’s my take on a singer’s diet. What’s your vocal cure? Let me know in the comments.

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